About us

About us

About East2West

East2West is an international company based in Barcelona that aims to create lasting business relationships between the East and the West. We do this by organizing events and trips, as well as by consulting on business and international trade strategies. Currently, we have representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Madrid.

The services East2West offers include organizing luxury business trips in Europe for Chinese investors. Some of the different types of business trips that we offer include the following: medical related trips to Spain for high-net-worth Chinese; developing luxurious European brands in China through our strategic consultancy; representing prestigious Chinese business schools to, such as CKGSB, to Europe; representing Spanish artists, like Rafael Amargo, and sports players and teams to China; and, finally, helping Chinese companies and individuals to find investment opportunities in Europe, particularly in Spain.

Our team

East2West is a petit but multicultural and hard-working team. Not only do we come from different sociolinguistic environments, we also have varying and prestigious academic backgrounds. These factors enable us to have a wide, professional and objective view in both of the markets we handle and on our customers’ needs. Because of these golden features that we have acquired, we are able to develop the most beneficial strategies in each project that is given to us.

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