Chinese Friendly and East2West organize the 3rd Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference

Chinese Friendly and East2West organize the 3rd Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference

If you work in the tourism sector and you collaborate with Chinese customers or you would like to, you have an appointment on the 16th and 17th March 2015 in Madrid…


Chinese Friendly and East2West present the 3rd Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference, organized by both of them at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. The conference, also called “The travelling dragon” is aimed to present new strategies and models to strengthen and improve Spain’s competitiveness in terms of Chinese tourism. The Huffington Post has mentioned this conference as “the industries’ next big initiative” in a story that highlights Spain’s interests in Chinese tourism.


Last year, Chinese tourism grew by 33% compared to the previous year, and Spain, as a global tourist destination with a strong potential, should not ignore this huge market. This is why the conference, on the 16th of March, will be divided into the following seminars: “The flying dragon”, “The dragon and the awoken beauty”, “The dragon goes shopping” and “How to feed your dragon?”. On the 17th of March, there will be meetings reserved for clients and Chinese Friendly establishments and cities, and, among many other activities, there will be a Chinese Friendly Dragon awards-giving ceremony.


Chinese Friendly is an international company dedicated to the promotion of Chinese tourism in Spain. It creates quality and innovative products to attract Chinese tourists and it collaborates with professionals who want to take off and start businesses in this sector. Its establishments and cities’  network is well known and guarantees high quality service for the tourists of the before-mentioned nationality.


It is not the first time that East2West collaborates with CF, the most recent time being the organization of the Wanda Group’s delegation dinner. Both companies share the interest of developing Chinese tourism in Spain and to create enduring business relationships between both countries.

Colaboradores Chinese Friendly World Conference

When and where? At the Thyssen Museum in Madrid, on the 16th and 17th March (Monday and Tuesday).


Price? The tuition fees are 87 € (57 € for students and the unemployed), although East2West offers a DISCOUNT. The entrance includes a free course of Chinese at 8 Belts.


Languages: Spanish, English and Chinese.





Speakers: some of the important speakers coming are the CEO’s of: MyTaxi Iberia, Chinese Friendly, East2West, Global Forum Shopping, Cátedra China, Today Art Museum, the General Director for Trade at the Community of Madrid and the Thyssen Museum’s director, among many others. More info at:


Accommodation and transport: we offer special discounts for those who have to travel or stay over in Madrid.


For more information please contact or


These are some of the images of the second edition in Zaragoza:

CF cities zaragoza ii CF cities congress zaragoza ii ii chinese friendly cities zaragoza ii chinese firneldy cities zaragoza


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