The successful and completely sold out III Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference, co-organized by Chinese Friendly and East2West

The successful and completely sold out III Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference, co-organized by Chinese Friendly and East2West

Monday, the 16th of March 2015, the III Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference, co-organized by Chinese Friendly and East2West, was held at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.


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After the registration of the attendees and a photocall, the conference kicked off with the speeches made by: Kurt Grötsch (CEO of Chinese Friendly International), Evelio Acevedo (director of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum), Mar de Miguel (General Director of Tourism in Madrid), Joaquín Castillo (General Director of Tourism of the Community of Madrid), Yolanda Perdomo (Director of the UNWTO Affiliate Program), Songhua Xu (president of the Promoter Peaceful Reunification of China in Spain) and Javier Piñanes Leal (vicepresident of the Strategy and Tourist Services at Tourspain).

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After that, the conference was divided into different seminars. Below, we list the most relevant facts of each one of them:

Seminar 1. The dragon is flying: in this seminar, the speakers introduced the current situation in China to help the audience understand the Chinese tourists, by analysing the evolution of consumption in the country, the online shopping habits, the leisure and cultural industries in China and its tourism. One of the conclusions was that demand coming from China is growing, but is also becoming more demanding and fragmented. Speakers: Marcelo Muñoz (director of Cátedra China), Carlos Marcuello Recaj (director of the FUNIBER Master’s Degree and business expert of China and the Asia-Pacific region), Yuan Jia Zheng, (director and partner of Yuan Consulting) and Arturo Ortiz Arduán (head of the Tourist Services’ area).

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Seminar 2. The digital dragon. With Antonio Cantalapiedra and Manu Sánchez Monasterio. Both of them remarked the importance of “becoming e-Chinese”, because “in China, Internet is not just another channel, it is THE channel” and “Wanda does not speak English, it speaks Chinese.” Speakers: Sonia Fernández moderator (Marketing Director of Chinese Friendly International), Manu S. Monastery (professor of Marketing Management to and from China at ESADE and at the University of Beijing), Antonio Cantalapiedra (CEO of My

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Seminar 3. The dragon and the awoken beauty: art tourism. With important statements like: “The Chinese tourist is a cultural traveller and Spain is culture.” “Consumption of art and development trends in this market, like collectionism, are a way of investment,” “Art + Chinese tourism, perfect combination”. Speakers: Ramón María Moreno González (General Director of Casa Asia), Jingru Bai, moderator (representative of Chinese Friendly), Yang Kai (99k Gallery owner, president of a Comporary Art collectors’ club), Gao Peng (director of the Today Art Museum in Beijing), Chengcheng Li, moderator (CEO of East2West), Evelio Acevedo (director the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum) and Elena Bissolotti (director of the association “La Leonessa e il Drago” from Bresca).

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Seminar 4. The dragon goes shopping. The travelling shoppers and the battle of brands and destinations. The Chinese shopping traveller will be the panacea of ​​the Chinese tourism in the following years, so we have to offer purchase opportunities to lead the markets. Luxury competes with exclusiveness and outlets with big department stores. Speakers: Eli Feng (vicepresident of the Sino-Spanish Association of Exchanges and Development), Noelia Naves (Communication manager at Innova Tax Free), Giancarlo Dall’Ara (CEO of Chinese Friendly Italy), Laura Blanco (Marketing Director at Value Retail), Eli Fel (Travel Blue’s CEO and president of Global Shopping Forum Germany) and Angel Luis Martín (General Director of Trade at the Community of Madrid).

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Seminar 5. How to feed your dragon? The eating travellers. This seminar included a speech on the digestion’s biology, the foundations of gastronomic tourism and the particularities of the Chinese stomach. Carlos Medina (contestant at Top Chef 2014) presented an original proposal of mixed cuisines: Gua Bao of bull’s tail with Shumai of Iberian “panceta” (a piece of meat similar to bacon). Speakers: Victor Cortizo (CEO of DeEspaña and vice-president at Cátedra China), Fernando Caballero (director of the Medicine Faculty of the University of Francisco de Vitoria), Pedro Li (founder of DinSumClub, restaurant Tse-Yang), Carlos Ponce (director of the restaurant “La Cocina de San Antón”), Carlos Medina (Top Chef 2014 contestant) and Rubén Gil (General Director at Enjoy Branding Licensing).

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As a conclusion, the closing ceremony was carried out by Dr. Kurt Grötsch, CEO of Chinese Friendly.

Finally, on the 17th of March Chinese Friendly hold an internal meeting with the Chinese Friendly cities and businesses and it gave away the Chinese Friendly Dragon Awards.

To learn more about it, check out the Chinese Friendly’s website ( and the Chinese Friendly Cities World Conference’s website (




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