Chengcheng Li, CEO of East2West, as a writer and regular consultant at Modaes

Chengcheng Li, CEO of East2West, as a writer and regular consultant at Modaes

Chengcheng Li, CEO and co-founder at East2West, has been a foreign trade consultant with over six years of experience for Spanish and European brands who want to go to China. This is why the technical journal Modaes, specialized in the fashion industry and business, has collaborated with her occasionally to analyze and comment some aspects about the Chinese fashion industry.

Li wrote an op-ed for the magazine in 2014, and since then she has collaborated several times with the magazine and her articles have been used in some stories. Modaes is the leading economic medium in the fashion sector in Spain and South-America. It was founded in 2009 and has, nowadays, more than 400,000 influencing readers per month.

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Among the articles Chengcheng Li has collaborated with are:

– “El G20 de la moda: Los gigantes de la batalla internacional” (The Fashion Industry’s G20: the giants of the international battle) from C. De Angelis, C. Pareja and S. García, as a collaborator (11/07/2014):

–  “¿Es el mercado chino una gran oportunidad para la moda española?” (Is the Chinese market a big opportunity for the Spanish fashion industry?), which is her op-ed (16/07/2014):

– “Centros comerciales en China: una burbuja que seduce la inversión, pero no las marcas” (Shopping malls in China: a bubble that seduces investment, but doesn’t seduce brands) from S. Riera, as a collaborator (02/02/2015):

– “China festeja su año nuevo marcado por el freno económico y la transformación del retail” (China celebrates the new year with an economic downturn and the transformation of its retail) from S. Riera, as a collaborator (19/02/2015):

In the op-ed, Li explains how the fashion and textile industry is booming in China and how its volume has tripled in the last decade (in 2013, sales reached about 15 million euros). It is a changing era in which Chinese society is becoming more sophisticated and celebrities, such as the Chinese first lady, Peng Liyuan, are turning the “Made in China” a quality and luxurious brand in an increasingly competitive and sophisticated market.

The textile industry giants have recognized this trend and many are trying to enter this market; although it is not as simple as it may seem. On the one hand, Li said that the current political situation, with Xi Jinping at the top, has been responsible for several anti-corruption policies that have resulted in the rejection of the import of luxury watches and high-quality French wine. On the other hand, it is not that simple to enter this new competitive market. She reminds us that we have to bear in mind the high advertising costs and the fact that Chinese youth demand many types of purchasing channels, like department stores, shops and the Internet.

To try to enter this market, Li gives the following options: a good way to try is through online retail selling on Taobao (the Chinese eBay); or, having a local partner with a good guanxi (friendship), as Topshop did with the brand Lane Crawford; opening a franchise; or the least risky way of all, working with department stores, like Bailiang, or with outlets, the latter being the easiest and, the first, the most difficult ones, because of their long waiting lists, although they are also the most beneficial.

If you would like to know more about the fashion industry in China, do not hesitate to consult more articles on, the magazine has free articles and also some more technical if you get a Premium account.



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